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Last Link is an engagement, collaboration, and networking platform for virtual events and communities. The host can simply create one or more events/communities (called Last Links), invite members and sponsors to them, manage and continue building community using the same Last Links without ever losing touch.

Members can access content, resources, network, and even engage with sponsors. Members can join for pre-event networking and discussion, join live events, and continue post-event with Q&A, discussion, and networking.

Hosts can drive continuous sponsorship, get insights from analytics, keep in touch with the participants, cross-promote events, and turn every one of them into relationship-building opportunities for the participants and themselves.
A 'Last Link' is synonymous to creating an event or forming a community/group. Once created, the Last Link URL can be shared for users to join and begin networking and collaborating all in one space. Since a Last Link can be created for a variety of user cases such as events, sessions, communities, teams, third-party groups and more, each instance is termed as creating a 'Last Link' - A space that enables meeting, networking, collaborating for a lasting period.
Unlike a typical event app that allows for event meetup for a given time, 'Last Link' is specifically designed to bring together all the existing tools used to host a virtual event/community. It contains all the required information such as Call info, Registration, Sponsorship, Calendar Invite and more that are typically created by the host using various tools. Once a Last Link is created, the Link URL can be shared/embedded to allow users to join and begin networking and collaborating all in one space before, during and after an event.
Creating a Last Link for an event (i.e., a planned occasion) enables networking and engagement for a group of people that are coming together around a shared interest.

Creating a Last Link for a community enables engagement and collaboration among members that have a particular characteristic in common and are likely part of an organization.
A Last Link can be created before the event to accept registrations and promote pre-event networking and engagement.

Although, if the event is already in progress or has ended, it is never too late to create a Last Link. Since Last Link is intended to build a lasting community, it can be created in a few seconds and shared during the event. If the event has ended, sending the Last Link in post-event communications is a way to bring back attendees and continuously engage them.
A Last Link can be setup to be Public or Private.

- Public allows for anyone to join without permission
- Private allows open registration, but requires the host/administrator's approval to enter.

The host can set this up when they create a Last Link.
User are required to have credentials to access a Last Link. If you already have a registration system, we can work with you to integrate your users into Last Link and send them a unique link to skip the registration process.

Third-party integrations are being worked on to make this easier. At the moment, reach out to us at hello@lastlink.us for custom onboarding and integration requests.
First, create an account with an Email or LinkedIn. Once you're logged-in, click the “Create a Last Link”. You are now ready to build your Last Link in less than a minute.

Here is a quick video: https://www.loom.com/share/3e40df9c7ef445e98deebe435a657707
Yes. A user will be required to Create an Organization for this. Once you're logged-in, go to the “Account” section in the navigation bar and click the “Create New” option under Organizations. Once an organization is created, go back to the Homepage/Links section and click “Create a Last Link”. You will now see the organization that you created in the option to create a Last Link. Select your organization and build your Last Link.

Here is a quick video: https://www.loom.com/share/c51ae729620f4adc869fe4f1b013f385
Copy the URL from the “About” tab, and share it via email, embed it in your webpage, or share it via social media channels.

Here is a quick video showing how: https://www.loom.com/share/24bb802fb9f84ec9a4e92017eecd1822
If you have a Last Link URL that was shared with you, go to the URL by clicking or copy-pasting it in your browser. You will be prompted to Signup if you already haven't. Once you signin, you will be a member of the Last Link and you can return to it anytime.
It could have an expiry date or live for as long as the host sets up.
At present, creating one Last Link does not allow recurring event functionality. Although, you can create a new Last Link for each event or for multiple sessions.
The number of Last Links that can be created in an account is based on the pricing plan chosen by the account owner. Reach out to us at hello@lastlink.us for custom pricing and large volume use cases.
Each Last Link allows 50 members in the Basic plan. For higher limits, please reach out to us at hello@lastlink.us.
Yes, but only to people you share your Last Link Profile URL with.
The host or Last Link administrator can remove or block bad actors. Removing allows the bad actor to rejoin, while Blocking disallows access or rejoining at once.
Yes, it can be. Let us know if you would like to learn more at hello@lastlink.us.