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Last Link is designed with simplicity in mind. It’s very easy to create and start sharing and connecting.
Create a Last Link in less than a minute.
Create a Last Link in less than a minute.
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Turn events
into opportunities

People attend events for two reasons - to learn from the content, and to network with the attendees.

When practicing social distancing, workshops, webinars, and online communities provide all means to learn and possibly speak to a few people in a short duration.

Giving them the opportunity to network and collaborate ahead, during, and after the event at their leisure.

Keep it simple.
Keep it in one place.

All attendees are equal, but their experience with online tools is not. Keeping the user experience simple makes for a more engaged and happy attendee.

From registration to confirmation, to calendar, to accessing call information, to questions, to connecting, to accessing a recording, and more.. - Attendees are required to move across at least 4 sources per event.

Help attendees manage the entire flow from Registering to Joining the meet to Post-event value-adds now in one place.

Meetings are
just the beginning.

“Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.” - Bog Burg

Attendees join online meets for takeaways: Learnings, Questions, Contacts, New Relationships, Resources, Collaborations, and more..

Sharing these beyond the meeting and giving a place to foster these takeaways will keep them coming back - Making these meetings the most memorable and valuable.

No hassle.
Get setup in minutes.

Hosting an online event/session/webinar/community?

You’re probably busy juggling marketing, sponsorships, promotions, production, speaker management, etc. You don’t need something that takes more of your time to setup.

Cutting down setup time to minutes gives hosts more time for other tasks, gives the event instant momentum by allowing attendees to engage right away, and the experience a high value overall.

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